As we observed the oscars, golden globes and other red carpet events in awe, the events allowed some of us to dream. But if we are honest enough, most of us didn’t know about such events while growing up. 

My platform was KTN, I observed  women such as Catherine Kasavuli, Janet Mbugua, Julie Gichuru looking confident, vocal, poised, and sure of who they were on screen.

These women defined my moment and allowed me to feel that I belonged in a world where we were expected to either be doctors, lawyers, teachers,  engineers, or nurses. 

So this time when asked who I wanted to become, I had an answer. Because these women became my red-carpet moment.

Most of us grew up wearing what our parents gave us to wear, yes we had those few rebelling moments whereby we refused to wear what they gave us but those tantrums as they dubbed them lasted barely a few seconds or minutes, then we gave in or if they did give in, it was only a couple of times. 

Such moments allowed me to desire the freedom to be able to dress in what I chose. This led me to amazing moments in my life. thus I want every day to be a red-carpet moment whether I am just going out to meet friends, on a date, or even to work. Why limit yourself when you can have a red-carpet moment on a daily basis. I believe we all desire that deep within us.

As a result, my two in one dress was born, for that red carpet moment and feeling. Most of us never get to experience that moment until when we are getting married but today I say, make every day a red-carpet moment.


This dress is made of embellished lace, while purchasing the fabric I was enamored by it immediately I set my eyes on it and that’s how I buy fabric or even my clothes. I have to have that gut feeling deep within me, like love at first sight. Am inevitably a midi dress kind of lady but in my head, midi didn’t go with the vision I wanted and so I decided something short won’t hurt because unleashing this dress would represent the moment for me to dance and party.

People ask me this, and my answer is NO, the lace didn’t come with the inner fabric. I purchased them separately, the inner fabric is called matte bridal satin. If you are a fabric person, you will discover that satin has all types of diverse versions that can either awe you or make you run away, you just have to know which one you need.


Nothing is wrong with my head or hair; I don’t wear them because I have bad hair days, it’s just that I love hats. When I was around 10 years, I discovered the French barrette hat bought for me by my mother and that became my poison up to date. When you walk into my closet, you may find that each outfit I made, must have a headpiece. This was created with lace fabric, matte bridal satin, canvas, and wire to make it firm so that it could embody the appropriate shape.


The trail is the one that emits my energy and the red carpet feeling I yearn for. It’s removable, the flowing skirt can be worn comfortably and voluntarily removed at any given time. When I don it and walk, as it follows from behind I feel self-assured.

The trail developed of chiffon fabric and bridal net, to execute a puffy yet elegant shape. It gives one that ample space to swirl around feeling dramatic yet have the modern princess moment.


Why these shoes, you may ask? My first answer is for comfort, I could run in them. My second answer is because they are red just like my lips and the third is because they are embellished just like my dress at the back. They make sense to me because they are comfortable yet give me that courage of drama and zeal for that moment I want to be in.


When I have such a dress on I don’t need a lot of accessories so I go for my minimal yet elegant accessories. Pearl earrings that go together with the embellishments of the dress. No necklace because my dress has already covered that part with the embellishments. A watch is a must for me to make sense of my time and my rings to stamp the full look.

With all that I am ready to be on top of that mountain because I feel elegantly ready to strut the red carpet.


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