We each have that one fancy outfit we bought and have never worn before, either because an opportunity has never presented itself or we jusr love to look at it in the closet.

For me, I have a habit of making different types of outfits as soon as an idea pops up in my head. Sometimes i get the opportunity to rock them but at times i don’t.

So today, i present to you my fancy never worn before dress.

I have a thing for leso’s (Kanga) since am from the coastal part of Kenya. A lot of people don’t understand that side of me but no matter where i go as long as i have an outfit made of leso, it gives me confidence and also a homely feeling.

Let me start with my headpiece, my logic for being in love with them is the fact that they give me height and a great posture. Headpieces have a way of making someone walk elegantly with poise. My hat for today is made of leso print, I added something extra to make it pop.

For the dress, I played around with the leso fabric and tulle to give it a modish yet homely look and feel.

I wanted the dress to be sexy, but sexy elegant. So it took the top part and made sure that the cleavage wasn’t too revealing.

For the arms of the dress, I decided to use tulle to give it a dramatic yet subtle look and feel.

In the lower part, I always wanted to wear something short but I just never had the courage to do so and to solve that I decided to make an inner and outer skirt.

The inner skirt made of leso is short and the outer which is made of tulle midi, as I always love it.

The midi-length always makes me feel sophisticated and elegant.

Accessories, were minimal because you don’t need a lot to stand out. I went with gold earrings, my favorite gold belt and a watch to stamp the time.

My last pick were the shoes which i haven’t work for over two years now, the red heels give me a strut walk of confidence.

The color combination was directly linked to the leso fabric I picked for this design. Pink for the soft and delicate side of a woman and red for power, strength, and courage.

And thus my look is complete. Now, why haven’t i worn this before?

For me this outfit says’s delicate yet strong woman of ritzy.

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