Have you ever had left over fabric that you have no idea what to do about it. For my first post this year after a long while, i decided to prepare this for you.

For this dress, I collected leftover fabric and arranged it one by one, I sowed it all up to create one big piece of fabric.

After compiling the fabric, I then cut the pattern of the dress and begun sowing. Most people would throw away a strip of fabric left that cannot be used to make anything but those pieces can be reused and turned into an amazing dress such as this.

It may talk longer to make than the normal dress, for me it took a whole of one week to put the pieces together.

It may have been longer and harder but was very satisfying, the challenge gave me an opportunity to test my patience and creativity and the end result was something elegant and stunning.

For this dress, I decided to create a headpiece that has handmade flowers together with Ankara buttons.

I picked minimal accessories, gold earrings, and a watch to show elegance and compliment my look.

For the back top part i used chiffon fabric.

A slit at the back to give me comfort as i move.

I added some tulle fabric for elegance and flair.

For the shoes, oh the shoes – I choose a dash of edginess by going with a pair of boots with spikes at the back, that I had shelved for a while, and the fact that they are comfortable was an added advantage.

The complete look is saucy and makes me feel like a true lady ready to conquer the world.