When you receive a gift that means the person cares and they were thinking of you the moment they picked that gift, it means you matter. So today I would like to show off a gift I received from a sister.
I received this Ankara fabric from her when she visited Ghana, and anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love fabric. It makes me so happy because the moment I receive it, I get into a creative mode. I want to make something beautiful out of it, so that it can stand out and make people fall in love with the outfit at the sight of it.

So for this fabric, I made two outfits, the second is the result of recycling of the same fabric I used to make the first attire.

The first was for my cousins wedding, I wanted something that could give me poise, which will make me feel and look graceful yet be my armour of self-confidence to walk in a crowd. For my first look, I made a mermaid dress with a mixture of the Ankara and tulle on one of my sleeves and at the bottom. I wanted the tulle to be on one side because the look I was going for is minimal yet elegant. Later I made a hat to go along with the dress and added some gold flowers which had beads to give the whole look and it was an exquisite finish.

With natural makeup that enhanced my facial features and some minimal accessories I got exactly the look I was going for and upon going to the event heads were turning and compliments kept coming, that’s when I felt this gift finally got what it deserved.

Months later, I sat down and an idea came to mind unless I am going to dinner or an occasion I cannot wear the dress so I decided to reuse the fabric to make something casual but outstanding which I could wear anywhere. At first I wanted it to be a pencil dress but I had so leftover fabric and since the weather in Nairobi had started changing from warm to cold, I settled for a trouser and a blazer.

Something I could easily wear when I go home to the coast to visit, and so came about the stunning Ankara outfit number two. The hat remained the same because when I tried the outfit with it, it was just outstanding and I felt as confident and beautiful as ever.
I have worn this outfit to school, to the airport while travelling, to official meetings and on this specific day the pictures were taken, Ngong hills for a day out with family members. That is how functional and convenient the outfit is, and still makes me stand out.

With my boots on, I felt fashionable and at ease with comfort and felt fierce.

So these two looks are telling a story, if you are tired of an outfit but still love the fabric, you can always make something else out of it and feel amazingly fabulous,all you need to do is upcycle your wardrobe.

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