Sometimes I like to get lost in my dreams, as I close my eyes and think of a moment and then I begin to create. For this specific outfit, it was for a dreamy moment out at sea and I am sitting at the edge of a boat with the wind blowing, arms stretched out, I am screaming but not out of fear but pure happiness. Not scared because when I turn behind me, there is someone to catch me and he assured me that I will be fine and I trust him wholeheartedly. As I think of that moment, I asked myself what I would wear and I came up with this specific outfit.

White on white, to look dreamy and fierce as he stares at me without taking his eyes off of me, his gaze fixed on his intended desire so that he does not lose his sight of me. As I turn to look at him, I see his smile, he glares at my pure beauty and is marvelled at how a woman such as I am can look this beautiful and ferocious and I become assured. That thought makes me feel free and happy, because he choose me at that moment without hesitation.

So my white on white chiffon outfit is for freedom, and choosing to dream, for it to take me back to a specific moment in time in my dreams or is it reality. I choose chiffon fabric because it is light and gets blown by the wind that comes with the breeze of the ocean as it displays its elegance and sophistication.

The off-shoulder top is to show off my upper body part and give me a sexy edge as I take a walk with the wind blowing on me. When I close my eyes in my dreams, I can go where I want to go. It is a simple look yet gives me poise and refinement, as I think of that moment when I sit at the edge of the boat I feel like the queen of the ocean.

The skirt has a waistband that puts emphasis my waist and as usual, I went for minimal accessories to give me a suave look, but yet cultural beach style. The outfit can even be worn by either bride or bridesmaids for a wedding at the beach.

I went for dolly shoes because of their comfort especially if you want to take a walk at the beach with ease and comfort yet look magically at the same time. The red choice was to break the monotony of the white attire.


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