We all need to feel like we have got power in our hands, how we present ourselves to the world gives us that sense of power. I draw my power from my inner strength, and also what I wear is my weapon. How I look is the first impression I make to people, so I would like to be noticed and remembered from the first moment I walk into a door.

That is why i made this killer outfit, with a blend of eminence and trendy modern African style.

Let’s start with the pillbox hat which I gave my own touch, that will definitely get one noticed. It is a voice for elegance even without uttering a single word, as you walk with it on your head, you will find that your posture has changed, you will be walking head high like a royal lady with majesty and class.

I added a neck piece made of the same fabric, with yellow and pick tulle to add some fairy tale, romantic charm to the outfit and a bracelet for the glam.

The fitting half dress has a sweetheart neckline and a slit at the front, beautifully crafted for my body size so that it can accentuate my feminine figure with the whimsical colors of the fabric that is exciting.

For me, it is a multiple wear and out of the ordinary dress because one can be able to wear this outfit for a cocktail party, wedding party, a girls day or night out, and even for dinner.

In this dress, I feel like I ooze a certain positive vibe that could get me anywhere because I believe I gave it a  mesmerizing touch that gives me as a lady an otherworldly delicacy sense of power and seduction that is distinct which brings my wild beauty out in a sophisticated modish way.

The colours of the Ankara fabric are eye-catching, playful and expensive for the eyes because of their timeless nature as an African print. Their architecture is just right for the fabric and depicts a great craftmanship.

In few words the dress and the fabric are just the right fit for each other, with the addition of the tulle, the accessories and the makeup, I can’t help it but just admire and be happy at the whole outcome that speaks of the beauty, strength and also the sheer fragility of a woman and the power that lies within us but oozing out our enchantress appeal allowing us to stand out.


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