Today I decided to focus on my younger sister, Laura Nyamvula Rua – she is a blogger, an upcoming social media influencer and her style is different from mine. Our body sizes are also different but we discovered the art of dressing our shapes in order to stand out and each make a powerful fashion statement that speaks elegance and adoration.

Images by Kamanda Yosso.
Makeup and dressed by Laura Nyamvula Rua .

Dressing your body as a woman is an empowering way to make a statement of who you really are as an individual. I have come to discover that along the way as much as colours send a powerful message, so does our African rich deep and bright skin tone. On these specific looks, she decided to go for green and yellow in order to be part of mother nature and black to represent the people that we are.

While i am a bit conservative, she always inspire me to dare to be bold. She says that showing off a little skin doesn’t hurt anyone, it all about boldness.

Images by Kamanda Yosso,
Makeup and dressed by Laura Nyamvula Rua

Her slits speak of sexy chic, with a black improvised belt. The beauty of her looks is that they are not permanently sown and one can be able to achieve the look within minutes. Click on the link on how to create the looks:

On both her looks, she puts emphasis on her waits and also flaunts her curves as a fully figured woman with pride.

For her hair, she went for a natural up-do that speaks of authentic African royalty and makes one look taller. Check out how to achieve the hairdo on her Instagram, link below.

Images by Kamanda Yosso.
Makeup and dressed by Laura Nyamvula Rua.

The photographer outdid himself by making sure her looks gave out the statement she wanted to make, bold and courageous but also sexy chic with the right sunlight and angles to make the images a work of art.

My final thought of the look, its modern, whimsical an has a distinctive contemporary eye catching that makes you want to look and never turn away.


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