When I made this look I wanted to speak about the power of humanity within people, and bring out confidence of equality within myself upon wearing it. My inspiration came from a Chinese series on Netflix called Ice Fantasy. It was to be a whole white look but I decided to add the red for diversity.

A world without colour would be so boring, the same goes for the diversity of people, our skin colour, culture, backgrounds and social differences. As I watch people hate on each other or fight because of our beautiful differences I feel really sad and that is why I decided to make this specific look with two colours that universally represent us.

This look for me was about confidence for who we are as a people, our humanity and love for our diversity. The look is minimalist but also speaks volumes, red represents the colour of our blood regardless of where in the world we come from, if you get cut regardless of who you are the blood you bleed will be red, which proves the equality of human beings. White represents the beauty and purity we are born with as children before we are corrupted by our social backgrounds.

Chiffon is a fabric that gives us time to breathe in hot weather and it feels soft on the skin and I love it majorly because of my coastal background, imaging myself walking on the sandy beaches in it, is just classic for me.


The headgear, I wanted a crown that speaks to my own personality. That’s why I made my own flowers using the same chiffon fabric, layered two flowers on each and added diamonds to embellish it and have a royal classy and goddess look. It gave me the confidence that I wanted and showed me that I can be a queen in my own way.

The necklace was to give me an out of the world look, I made a high neck box pleated choker that I embellished with handmade flowers added beads and diamonds on it. Due to that, I decided to go for pearl earrings for simplicity and because of drops attached to the choker that would cover my shoulders.

I made the dress long and elegant because I love dresses that flow all the way to the ground but I also made it into a half dress that has elastic so that it can be worn by someone of who has a different body size and shape. For the sleeves, I made the separate which can either be worn with or without the dress depending on the mood that one is in.

Underneath it i wore a white half midi dress that could be seen when one peeks inside which also to gives it an alluring look that will keep someone glued to it.

My one wish is for these two colours to remind us that if we clear our minds of all the bias thoughts that we have and see that we are not that different as human beings then the world would become a beautiful place to live in. Instead of being afraid of each other because of the fear of the unknown we should be curious enough to want to know more about each other and learn from one another and that is when our eyes will be opened and we will see the beauty of this world. We all matter no matter which colour or where we are from.


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