A fusion of red and white, results in a warm yet girlish colour. It is the passion and might of red softened with the purity of white to create a tenderness that makes us feel secure and allows us to be more nurturing.

It gives me a feeling that all is going to be well, with it being intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity.

Due to its warm meaning, I wanted to make something playful in the colour. I choose tulle because it is light in weight and ever since I was young I associated it with princess and barbie dolls that allowed us to escape to a dreamy world full of glamour and hope.

At the same time, I wanted to make something that said I may be a girly girl but am also a woman with tenderness, purity and passion.

That’s why I went for a long fitting dress that showcased my curves on the inside, a dress that gave my body confidence.

I wanted to make a cover-up that is fashion-forward which stands out when I wear it, and one that could give the audience a chance to peak at the dress I was wearing underneath. So I opted for an off-shoulder design, handmade flowers with pearls on it because I wanted the look to be sophisticated and desirable at the same time.

Since I had already accessorized my tulle cover-up, I decided not to wear any necklace because I wanted a clean and modest look. My headgear was a handmade headband that I made with pearls that turned out to be appealing in nature and due to that, I settled for pearl silver earrings.

I didn’t put much effort on my hair because i wanted to have an effortless natural traditional hair look that describes and shows the African girl that i am, modern but traditional.

I wore my favorite adorable dolly shoes with pearls on them, for comfort and also elegance.

The complete look says that i maybe be a lady but am also a playful girl at heart .


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