Every piece of clothe i design or style for me has a story behind it and this specific one is about love and hope for the future, hope to live for tomorrow.

I have not been able to put words down because of the mood the whole world is in. Then i thought about it and decided that as we are in lock down/quarantine we need to do things to maintain some normalcy otherwise we may lose ourselves in the process. We cannot go outdoors as we want so the best thing to do is share what you have from where you are so that the world can have some warmth.

So for today i would like to share about something borrowed, my mum’s wedding dress. She wore it 33 years ago and still adores it and wouldn’t let us touch it even if we pleaded or begged for it. My sisters and i have always admired it and wanted to wear it because of its history and design. For this specific shoot we had to borrow it from my dad because he can’t say no to his baby girl’s and also because our mother wasn’t around which proved to be the perfect time for us.

Image by Pattie Parrie
Makeup by beaute_ by_ Laruna

My dad choose and bought this dress for my mum for their wedding from Dubai. My sisters and i were impressed because we felt our parents were well ahead of time when it came to choosing the wedding dress but i guess the touch runs in the family.

It has a vintage yet modern look, the flower embroidery on the chiffon fabric is so detailed and suits the design perfectly. The cleavage though deep but speaks elegance and sexy in an appealing way.

Image by Pattie Parrie
Makeup by beaute_ by_ Laruna

When i wore it i felt like a beautiful flower blooming, it gives me a chance to dream and feel beautiful about myself. I decided to add some accessories such as a flowered belt to show emphasis on my waistline.

My braided hair pushed back and held it with a lace headband, because i wanted to wear dangling earrings and show my facial features.


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