Standing in the middle of the road in the streets of Mombasa just by the Little theatre club posing in a white dress looking forward to this very day.

On this day every year i open a new chapter, a lot of people make their news years resolutions on news years but i make mine on this day. The day i was born is the day i always start a new page because it adds unto my life. Whether it is positive or negative that is the choice i have to make.

That’s why today i choose a white dress, to me this dress has a symbolic meaning, something long, something extra, something classy. Its a two layered dress, when i say that i mean it like literary.

Image by Peru Perlexy photographer 001

When you look closely you will see a short and a long dress. I decided to wear one on top of the other to give it a unique look and feel. The long dress which i am wearing underneath, is made of stretch fabric at the bottom and tulle at the top plus it has a high collar. The short dress which i am wearing on top is made up of stretch fabric, embroidered lace on top and is off shoulder.

The dresses have highlighted my waist line and figure perfectly, giving me a curvaceous womanly look. The pearl long earrings giving me an elegant look .

Image by Peru Perlexy photographer 001

Standing in the middle of the street posing for this picture i felt more courageous than i have ever been looking forward to another great year.

Today i tell myself, happy new year. One other thing i love about this day is that i share it with my maternal grandmother, how lucky am I and happy birthday to us.

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