In my red dress and boots, I feel like a little girl out to play destined for greatness.  Having watched a lot of romantic movies I have come to the realization that true love is only attained through naivety and an open heart and mind, like children open and transparent with no hidden agendas

That’s why when watching them we get stuck like glue onto the screens and most of us want our lives to be like those in the movies.

On Valentine’s Day, I watched as many came to buy flowers for their loved ones and others came running at the last minute with panic in their eyes.

During this day I spent it delivering some flowers to my sister’s clients. You see my younger sister owns a flower business and from time to time I help her deliver to some of her clients, but in all days of the year Valentines is my favourite.

Why I love to do this, is because of the glimmer in the eyes I see in the people I deliver to each time I surprise them and tell them happy valentines with a gift from their loved one. It’s that joy that makes everything worth it.

The one thing about Fashion and style that I love so much is playing dress up and I make it about that then I can go back to the days when I was just a little girl, young naïve and full of life without thinking of the problems of the world. Then clothes used to fascinate me and colour attract me each time I saw it and that is one thing I never want to lose.

In everything I wear be it simple or complicated I want to feel fascinated by it, I want to be the first one to awe myself in the mirror before I go out and that’s why everything I wear is normally determined by how I feel at that moment and this specific dress is not an exception, I dressed up for all the clients of Lazuli Party Kenya (that’s my sisters company, you can check it out on Instagram) and when they smiled during the delivery my heart felt warmth. And the boots were because I was going to so many places and wanted to move with ease and comfort.

Love is like a play, when we fall in love they say that love is blind but I have come to think that when we fall in love we are like little children we play around, we forgive our loved ones when they wrong us and we forget what they did up until we start holding grudges like teenagers. Truth is when we fall in love with our Partners at first it could be their smile, or their dance or their wave towards you that attracts you to them then we start playing by making each other laugh, being kind, respecting one another, being a good listener, being there for one another, experiencing life together just like best friends would, we argue, apologise and makeup but then once you know the person loves you change and relax or in other words some people may say one shows their true nature then things  start going sideways.

If there is anything I have learned from the movies I choose to watch love is like an adventure, it needs mystery every now and then. It’s like a flower it needs to be watered in order to grow and bloom. It’s like a bank account in order to withdraw you have to make deposits. You cannot just make withdrawals and still expect to find money in your account, it also needs discipline and persistence, sometimes patience and simplicity

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. That’s why love is expressed by red because it’s dangerous yet attractive, only the courageous can dare to venture into it.

By the time i got home, my feet were in pain and my whole body ached but it was all worth it.

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