It’s my birthday month and the month of love so am going to start by sharing something that i created with love and passion. In the beginning sowing was a necessity because I couldn’t afford to buy what i really wanted so I thought I should make them for myself and it just came naturally. That’s why today I will be sharing a design that brings out my girlish yet womanly side. It allows me to feel a little adorable, elegant and stunning.

I may be getting older with time but my princess dream hasn’t died yet. The women who work hard each and every day also want to be Cinderella, Belle or even princes Jasmine, to feel like a princess and when age catches up with us, we only hope to be queens with confidence to conquer the world.

I decided to wear minimal accessories, no necklace with pearl earrings because its already embellished. The gold belt is to add a touch of snazzy onto the dress.
Photography by Sizlopic

Every creation has a story and here is mine for it. It took me two weeks to make this dress, the handmade flowers and the bead work on the shoulders was the most interesting when making it.

At first my goal was to make a tulle skirt to wear with a white crop top, to my cousin’s bridal shower but as time went by my inspiration changed and I created something I fell in love with.

Photography by Sizlopic

The embellished tulle dress is one of my favorite creations so far. This dress is made of pearl beads, lace and satin on the upper part and tulle at the bottom. The flowers on the upper part are all hand made by me and the beads were a last minute addition to bring some elegance onto the dress.

What is more special about this specific dress is that I made it in the presence of my maternal grandma.

 Unfortunately I couldn’t wear it at the bridal shower because my sister’s advised me not to, so as not to outshine the bride. Sad but I opted for something different but it was also glamorous.

This specific dress gives me a royal feeling, when I have it on I feel allure and classic.


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