Something vintage, something golden. Fashion is about personal style but with style comes boldness for what we choose to wear. Everything we choose be it for work, picnic, day out, ceremonies, day or night will be your identity.

Minimal makeup and accessories for the look.
Hair held back, and that is why i am wearing dangling earrings.
Pink lipstick, my favorite shade

With the passage of time trends keep on changing but the more things change, the more they stay the same. Style is no longer about trends but what we choose and what makes us look good. Over time vintage has proven itself as the golden trend and style that will never go away.

For shoes, i decided to go for the same shade as my dress to give it a classy minimalist look.

So we were out shopping for a friend, and when my eyes landed on this specific dress, i knew at moment, that i had to have it. It was love at first sight, one of the ladies couldn’t understand why i picked an old dress, in her own words, it looked like an old woman’s dress.

In my mind it was gold, you see fashion is like fine wine the older it gets the more valuable it becomes. Age, decades, trends or seasons to me are a thing of the past, i buy clothes on instinct, i dress to be comfortable and feel confident.

As long as you can pull it off and ooze confidence when wearing what you are wearing, then that’s your style and it should also be your identity. Never apologize for your choice of clothes or sense of style. after all they will never be another you, so be unique and be you.

Photo credit: Sizlopic

Fashion Tip: have a at least one piece of vintage in your closet so as to feel classy. This specific dress can serve as a dinner dress, cocktail or just a night out.

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