Dressing for me is determined by how i feel on the specific time and moment, so that’s how i choose the colors to wear.

The older I get the more feminine I feel. My sexuality brings out the most playful, tender, free spirit and optimistic side with a fascination of what life has to offer.

That’s why for my first post I chose pink and orange which symbolizes femininity and sexuality respectively. The two color combination make me feel confident combined with the radiance of the sunset as I stare unto the horizon beyond was such a beauty to behold.

Born and raised at the coast by the sandy beaches and amazing coconut trees. You would think that I would be used to the beautiful scenery, wouldn’t you? But truth is, I can never get enough. The weather changes that come with the environment, the amazing breeze and the scotching heat by the beach and its environs can be breath taking. I have come to believe if the world is this beautiful then anything is possible.

As they say home is where the heart is and because i can’t run away from home no matter where i go, i have to learn to adapt and one way is to learn how to dress for the weather.

For this specific walk that would usher a new year for me, i went for a short made of light fabric and a chiffon top, my hair in an Afro free for the wind to blow and to feel the breeze upon my face. With such a beautiful scenery add good company and laughter is inevitable. Perfect for the weather.

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  1. You are amazing Peggy big congratulations I could see ur vision to change the world you were always on toes to make things happen for good go ma’am ur destined to greatness am you fun a great fun one day you will host me

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